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Souls Love Magical Blessings

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Can you hear your Heart? 

Can you hear your Soul?

What is blocking you?  Is there anything blocking you?

Let’s bring forth your Divine Spirit in the most magical moments for you to enjoy. 

Let them see you Shine!!  


Plus Soul Love Self Expression

Plug into Soul Love


Plug into Soul Love from Natasha’s Divine Intuitive Self

Natasha will tune into your Heart & Soul and create your Soul’s Story.

Natasha will create an abstract Soul’s Intuitive Painting via a 12 x 12 canvas that your Soul wishes you to know and express. She will infuse energy healing techniques into your Soul Intuitive Painting.

Using words that show up for you, Natasha will create your 2-3 page Soul’s Story: Meditation,  Story and Self-care/Love ideas.

Soul Intuitive Storytelling Painting

Package 1: 

Soul Intuitive Painting via a 12 x 12 canvas.






Soul Intuitive Storytelling Story

Package 2:

2-3 Soul Story






Soul Intuitive Storytelling Painting & Story

Package 3: 

12 x 12 Soul Intuitive Painting and 2-3 page Soul Story 

Soul Intuitive


Let Natasha guide you.

This can be scheduled: 1:1 or in a group session. 

Enjoy this via my Zoom Classroom or in person.

Soul Intuitive drawing & writing is a pure expression of your Soul. You do not have to be a “trained.” In fact, the less trained the better to paint without restrictions.  

Heart & Soul Meditations help you tune into the deepest parts of you.

Soul Intuitive Storytelling PaintingSoul Colors ( Soul Intuitive Drawing): After completing my Heart Meditation,  you will work with chakra colors and bring forth your soul’s expression and draw what shows up for you.

(Pre-requisite Color My Soul)



Soul Intuitive Storytelling StoryWords of Wisdom:  After drawing your soul’s expression, you will  bring forth the words that your heart wishes you to express.

(Pre-requisite Color my Soul & Words of Wisdom)




Individual or Full Course



E-courses are paid through Paypal & will be delivered to your email.     


21 Days Positive Discovery e-course


Enjoy this course via Audio & PDF files by creatively Expressing YourSelf through your Heart’s Wisdom using Meditation, Photography, Writing & more.


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Sacred Space

Create your space using meditation, chakra colors and Creative Self Expression just for you.  There is no one like you, and you deserve a space of your own.

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