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Enriching African Violets

To some, the African Violet is known to be a fussy plant, and many are nervous to attempt to grow this in their homes.  This may cause one to miss out on their special magical qualities.

How to care for an African Violet: 

  • This plant requires keeping the soil moist to dry.growing-african-violets-L-Jrwnt_
  • To encourage blooming please allow the soil around the roots to dry out before watering.
  • It is more beneficial to water from the bottom with room temperature water; as this helps to avoid getting water on the leaves that can cause spotting damage.
  • The flowering plant requires moderate to bright light, some people will have special lighting units just for their African violet.

This may seem like a bunch of work.  The benefits far outweigh the care of the plant.

African Violet Cleansing Benefits: 

This beautiful plant and flower is a mega powerhouse in the form of cleansing one’s space. This happens in a natural way.

Cleanse Your Energies African VioletsClearing of Negative Energies:

They are able to clear away the old, heavy energies that may weigh one down.  Especially an empath.  In any space this sweet beauty will powerfully eliminate those energies. Thus, having this in your home or office will help reduce the negative vibes that may be around.  No one will even be aware, and believe this to just be a beautiful flowering plant.

They are also incredible at transmuting the lower energies into a higher vibration. Purchase and place the African Violet; water and voila this plant will continue to cleanse away those dark, old energies that may be unknowingly stuck in your body or space.

Eliminating the Old: 

The presence of an African violet can help release the old, creating an easier transition.  The African violet says, “Please ask me to help you clear away your old nuisances and allow space for the new to take place.”

Bad Dreams and/or Nightmares: 

If you are one to have nightmares or bad dreams, place this near your bedside.  It will help to erase these from you.  Or a child who may have difficulty with sleeping, place this in their rooms and the fear of things that go bump in the night shall lessen.

Archangel Qualities: 

Not only are the plants and flowers a great way to clear negative energies, this plant/flower also works with Archangels.

Archangel Michael who is known as -he who is like God, has a way to create releasing and clearing.  If you request the help of the African violet along with Archangel Michael’s sword, this is a powerful combination. He will cut away the negative vibes and energies.  After he clears away the negative energies, ask Archangel Michael, “Dear Archangel Michael please place a protective divine white light all around me.”  Breath in 3 counts, hold for 3 counts and breath out for 3 counts, and so it is.  The African violet helps to continue to cleanse the area around one.

Archangel Raphel is an angel of healing-one who heals God’s souls. Requesting his presence along with the African violet can help the healing of a concerned ailment.  He is associated with the color green, and green sparkles are a sign that he is present.

Metatron is not an “Archangel,” but a human known in the form of a prophet and for his Merkaba cube.  This can help in the clearing of lower energies, and when utilizing Metatron’s gifts one may see pink and green lights.

Associated Chakras: 

The Third Eye,  Crown Root  chakras are associated with the African violet.  This dazzling plant can help get rid of any negative, old, heavy energies that are not allowing one to utilize these chakras. The African Violet can help transmute dark, heavy energies into lighter freer energies. This will help you connect and balance the foundation of your root chakra and connect more deeply into your Spiritual Self through the Third Eye and Crown chakras.

If you feel that these chakras are blocked, sit near an African violet and ask the flowering or non-flowering beauty to help you remove that which is blocking.


Please be aware that sometimes cats like to nibble on this plant, and this is not good as ingesting the leaves is poisonous.

May you enjoy the incredible grace that this flowering plant bestows upon us in a most natural manner. 

Please come visit the Magical Blessings Healing Center if you would like to connect with Natasha and learn more about natural energy healing and/or chakras.

Oodles of Love,



Natasha Botkin Magical Blessings Healing CenterNatasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling author and Shiny Gold Star Quest creator.  As a Dark Heart Teacher, she uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  Connect with me







32 thoughts on “Enriching African Violets

  1. Melissa Rapoport says:

    Oh my gosh, I must have an African Violet! My mom used to have one in the kitchen at all times, blooming and fragrant. As a child I was always attracted to African Violet fragrances. Guess what I’ll be doing today? Thank you for your lovely (and timely) post! xo

  2. Kindness Junkie says:

    My mother always had these and now that she’s passed, my father maintains them. They are HUGE…he has to continuously repot them. I have never had luck getting them to rebloom even though I did everything my mother taught me (water from bottom). Perhaps my lighting wasn’t right. I’m going to try again. Thank you for sharing their magical qualities!

  3. Zeenat {} says:

    Thank you for the blessings you have shared so beautifully in this post. I appreciate them so much. More cause I have been working with angels lately and have been living in a magical bubble so to speak 🙂
    So glad I found you through the Fb group.
    Love and light,

  4. Lore Raymond says:

    Now I’m even more motivated to buy an African Violet. I owned one years ago and during a move…it didn’t get the attention it needed. Appreciating all the information and details. Learned new things…always fun.

  5. Rachel says:

    I love african violets and have tried to grow them over and over again with short term success. After reading all those wonderful benefits I think i will try again. Thanks xoxo

  6. Barb Parcells says:

    I’m still experimenting with the natural light in my new apartment as each new season comes and goes. Hopefully I’ll soon have indoor plants that will thrive. African violets are on my list!

  7. Susan Mary Malone says:

    I just love African Violets, Natasha. They are so beautiful, and I love that they help clear away negative energies!
    I must confess–I haven’t had much luck with them. But I’m thinking from this it’s how I watered them. Will get another one and give it a try! Thank you.

    • mbhc12 says:

      They are lovely, fickle beauties! May you find success in another attempt. I have only used natural lighting, but my Grandma used the special A.F lighting and WOW. xoxo

  8. Beverley Golden says:

    I’ve always loved African violets, Natasha. I just bought some Persian Violets for my outdoor flower garden and loved reading about all the beautiful ways African violets enrich our lives. Many thanks for sharing!

  9. shelley says:

    I don’t have the greenest thumb in the world and have always heard how hard it is to keep these flowers growing. But if they help with dreams, I may need to rethink my misconception and try one.

    • mbhc12 says:

      They have been labeled as difficult, but watering from the bottom has worked for years. Even in a busy classroom with students who shared with the care. xoxo

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