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How Expectations Can Ruin Your Life

Have you ever stopped and wondered how an expectation can ruin your life?  Or why something didn’t turn out the way that you thought it should.  It is more likely that you’ve decided the outcome to be a certain way, and if it is not, then there is a price to pay.  In truth, who is paying the price?  

You are the one paying the price with a price tag that is way too much.  


Pondering Expectations

What does your life look like if you let go and released any expectations? Close your eyes for a moment and enter a scene:  you’re invited to go to a dinner party,  you know one person,  you are not aware of the menu,  and when you arrive you see that everyone is dressed in a costume. Close your eyes and envision this particular setting. How do you feel?  Do you feel welcome Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel embarrassed?  Do you feel like an outcast?

Why do you feel this way.  Maybe you were completely okay, you are super comfortable in your own skin and this is awesome; therefore, you don’t care- let’s party on/ let’s have a great time.  However, what if you feel extremely out of your comfort zone, unsure what to do and this is not what you expected.  Do you stay or do you  leave?


Write it Out (Discovery of SElf)

Heart's Tune

Rainbow Heart @ Magical Blessings

Please take 3 – 5 minutes to write  about your feeling with this writing prompt.

If I let go of controlled expectations then will happen…


Letting Go Of Control

Yes, essentially this is ultimately about letting go of control, and just being happy with whatever comes.

Let’s surmise that you stayed and you had a great time. Why, because you let go of the final outcome. You were happy with what was happening around you no matter what,  you have an incredible sense of self worth and did not care what others thought about you. Or rather you allowed yourself to just go with the flow.

What would happen if you allow that to be throughout every aspect of your life?  As children we are given first this and then that. Our parent(s)/ grandparent(s)/society have preconditioned us into human behavior;  in order to receive; you must do ABC to receive XYZ. Thus, this has created expectations.


Write it Out (Discovery of Self) 

Heart's Tune

Rainbow Heart @ Magical Blessings

Please take 3 – 5 minutes to write  about your feeling with this writing prompt.

When I let go of control I can…


Go With the Flow

I have personally discovered from my own Self.  That it was not necessarily the outcome or the expectations that was causing me grief within mySelf.  It was the small self ego monstrosity, that would rear its ugly essence. It was a lack of faith and trust as a whole. It is about allowing  your Higher Self to connect to spirit in a trusting manner and holding onto the faith that all will work out as it shall.  It is the disallowance of an idea that was preconceived and notion to be as such. In other words just let it go, go with the flow and allow Divine Spirit to bring you the most Miraculous, Grandeur moment. Or what I like to remind myself of when I get into the when I get into an expectation:  “Let It Go, Let it Flow…” – Natasha Botkin 

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36 thoughts on “How Expectations Can Ruin Your Life

  1. Bobbi says:

    Expectations will leave you disappointed every time! I’ve been practicing going with the flow more these days and I’ve found that things don’t bother me as much as they used to. I try to have little or no expectations from others to limit my disappointments.

  2. Barb Parcells says:

    For 15 yrs I told myself that if I could just move back to the place where I was the happiest in my whole life, that I would be happy for the rest of it. It turned out to be two years of major unhappiness and an eye opening lesson. When I let go of how I thought it should be, my life became better than anything I could have thought up on my own!

  3. Reg says:

    All i can say is wow. I really loved reading your insight of our exceptions and how they affect us in more than one way; completely agree. Really liked and enjoyed this!

  4. Ana says:

    I love that you have little mini activities embedded! IT made reading this so much more interactive. I feel like I learnt something today!

  5. Clara says:

    For the longest, I kept thinking it had to be me (and not my husband) that made sure everything went well with the family, but when I started sharing some of the battles I was facing with my significant other, life got a teeny bit easier. Really liked this post.

  6. Katie says:

    I live by this! Everyone is human and will make mistakes. I try to focus more on what I can be doing for others and not what they can be doing for me. I’m much happier this way… especially with my marriage.

  7. Melanie Sparks says:

    Love love love the writing prompts with this! What wonderful idea and tool for your readers. I struggle with expectations as well and am my own worst critic. I’m growing though as I age in body and spirit. 🙂

  8. Dominee Wyrick says:

    I’ve been working so hard on letting go of attachments and the need to predict and control outcomes. So this was so timely for me. Especially with anxiety that need to know the outcome feels essential but I’m slowly letting go.

    • mbhc12 says:

      Aww, I, too can have anxious moments and the more I try to control the worse I feel in the end. Luck and love sweetie. Xoxo

  9. Jonita D'souza says:

    Expectations! Oh god! Tell me about it.. I can say that expectations killed my love life and I am no longer a slave to it..I have been learning to walk away from them and instead be present in the purity of the experience.. letting go is not easy but for me, it has become easier as I keep reminding myself of it..

    • mbhc12 says:

      Oh, I know that all too well. Thankfully, I have a very patient sweetheart who saw through the b.s. and off we go in true love. Luck and Love to you! xoxo

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