Past Life Mentor Showing Me the Way

when a Past Life Mentor is Showing the Way are you listening? 

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As I am carefully selecting the red grapes, “I hear these are only $.99 a pound, why are you not eating more salads?”

When our eyes meet, I knew that this soul is a past life mentor. She is unhappy with how I am nourishing myself.  This seems to be many individuals’ concern.  I am in no way anorexic. The more crystalline my body develops, the less food has taste or digests well. Day by day, my body changes, and I am slowly learning what I can and cannot eat.  Carefully, I listen as she instructs with a very gentle nature. Others whirling around us, and me her only concern.

This is not the only part of the lesson that she was here to teach me. 

She went onto to show me how to carefully measure out foods and ideas of what they can provide.  I smile, as I know, and also realize this is going much deeper.  She is carefully giving me a timeline in a way that honors my soul contract and divine will.   In other words, I am still in the sacred divine flow and know that I have been been given checkpoints; that does not mean, that these cannot be divinely altered.  So, do not lose my head about it all.  A sweet notion of listen to my intuition; weigh the logic and allow my soul to shine forth in her divine dance.

My PL Mentor shows me various foods.  Sorry folks,  I will not identify these foods, as they have a deep, ancient meaning that the masses are not ready for.  This also showed me, that the time of shift is nearing and to be logical about the shift.  I will bring those who ready with me.

Keep going, do not give up!

Are you listening to a Mentor that is Showing You the Way?

I am unstoppable!  I am Powerful!

Get Ready Sweet Girl.  It is almost time to play!  

This is pretty much what I have been discussing in my previous blogs The Colossal Aha Moment and Why It’s Best to Believe in You

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Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 


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18 thoughts on “Past Life Mentor Showing Me the Way

  1. Lore Raymond says:

    Appreciated this, ” A sweet notion of listen to my intuition; weigh the logic and allow my soul to shine forth in her divine dance.” How wonderful that you are listening and being guided!

  2. Beverley Golden says:

    I very much resonated with this post, Natasha, as I know I am being guided by the spiritual world all the time in my life. Sometimes the noise from the outside world, disrupts the connection, however, when I stop and listen, the guidance is there. Lovely to see how you trust this yourself in your own life. xo

    • mbhc12 says:

      It is sometimes a tough thing to not hear the noise of the outside world. May you be blessed with the spiritual centering of self and be allowed to hear your soul. xoxo

  3. Vatsala Shukla says:

    You are blessed Natasha to have recognized your past life mentor! The change in eating habits and taste buds is normal as we travel further in our spiritual journey and our intuition guides us if there is an imbalance in any of our chakras. Over the years, I’ve noticed an inclination towards lentils and fruits and while I’ll eat whatever is set at the dining table with gratitude, my family and friends have noticed my tendency to eat specific dishes with relish.

    My latest food fad is dates. Considering I didn’t eat them during the years when I lived in Doha and Tunis, that is something I need to research.

  4. Tae Lynne says:

    Natasha, this is so interesting. I never thought of my past mentor guiding me as I switch my food habits…releasing some things that no longer satisfy me & finding other new things that I crave. I love that you are tuned in & listening to the messages you receive. <3

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