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Pinkslip Meanness

Recently, I have found myself in the middle of multiple mean girl (women) episodes. As one would clear, another one would step in. My reaction is what in the heck?  God, I need help with this one, please help.   My BeLoved would always say, “You do not have a mean bone in your body” as he would scoop me into his arms and whisper “shhh my sweet girl.” There I would stay in his loving arms as if a bubble would encase us and the world would just melt away, as I would say, “Why are people so mean…”

As with Twin Souls, he  unexpected departure to parts unknown, left me lost and confused. I muster as best I can on my own.  Some days are more successful than others.  There are days where I stare blank eyed in shock; how could one be so mean.  I return to a memory that my BeLoved would voice to me, “My Love, the world is mean and dark, sweet girl stay in your happy place.” 

Trying to Lessen Meanness

10633973_1029599967066068_6866250558668165889_oTry as I might, it has come round circle and even though I am not allowing these mean ladies to harm or hurt me, I cannot take away that they refuse to stop their poor behaviors.  In human form , I have a background in human behaviors and the essence of psychology 101 is out word projection.  They are projecting onto me, what is truly trapped in them; this has nothing to do with me.  The falsehood that they believe is that they are guiding me, my higher self is patient and yet Amel stepped up and has said enough, no more.  “These ladies need truth and you tried, you cannot help someone who does not wish to hear or see what you present. You need peace; allow yourself joy and love.” 


raven keyAfter a tenacious windstorm, I found myself outside looking at the damage.  I look up and WOW!  There are approximately 100+ ravens on the roof of the house, garage, telephone wires and in a neighbor’s tree.  They are all speaking at once.  I cannot hear a word they say.  A text comes through,”Haven’t you paid every time.” A female bluejay flies into the chattering ravens and rests near me, I sit down and wait.  She says,” Sweet girl.”  I feel the wolf medicine inside me stir, the ravens are excited.  The next text is a from a dear friend; there is an image and under the image is “what is on my tile…”  I glance and know; it’s my BeLoved, he is in human form with a wolf pelt.  He knew that I would receive his message this way as the ravens are so excited to feel his wolf medicine and in their exctiement; it is difficult to hear the message. WolfRavenI smile and text back that it is my BeLoved, and what are you doing today? I had planned on attending another event, the warning was to not go.  As soon as I texted what are you doing today, wanna go to a fun destination. The ravens grew quiet, the mama bluejay sat and flapped her wings.  My friend texted back that she’d love to go.  Most of the ravens flew away, the bluejay stayed, and I hear “sweet girl.”

Spiritual Musings

I allow the tears to flow, and say, “why do others have to be so mean? What lesson am I to learn?”  Amel steps in, “This is not for you, the lesson was to walk away and just be. If they have issues, it is their falsehood that they are projecting onto you, it’s far easier to blame another than accept what is true.  Natasha, you are truth and not everyone can handle that; it’s not you, it’s them.”   The female bluejay opens her wings and I allow her love to surround me; a love that I knew was from a distance; my BeLoved had been near, female bluejayII“my sweet girl….” 

In essence and one of my favorite sayings, “Treat others the way that you wish to be treated.”.






Oodles of Love & Magical Blessings 



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