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How Serenity is an Inside Job Part 1

Serenity is the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.  The serenity prayer specifies: courage, wisdom and changes. There are many factors to understand and bring this forth.


Serenity Inside Job Change Chance Transition Transformation Magical Blessings Courage Wisdom This is the ability to do something that frightens you. Being able to accept when something is for you and when you should walk away.

Do you hear the failure signal sounding? I say HUSH. Sometimes you need to fail in order to succeed. So, something did not turn out just you expected (time to forgo those expectations). That does not mean that it is the end of the world, that your life is ending and please, oh please do not create an anxious woe of self-doubt.

You are better than that and deserve to be treated, including by you, well. Wellness is a way to establish deep inner peace and being able to let go that which you cannot change; the courage to let go of an expected outcome and flow into what Divine Spirit has concluded for you. Do not turn and glance over your shoulder with regret, rather take a moment and learn from this situation. Grow through your soul and be happy to succeed, even if it feels like failing.


Something did not go as expected. May be you spent time fretting about it and played this over and over in your head. Anxiety happens to the best of us, and it sure would be great if that negative voice called the ego: SHUT UP.

This is where the wisdom arrives. You can change and control only you; no one else. Therefore, it is imperative to let go of what others say and do. Use your anxiety and self-doubt as a teaching tool. Stop looking to this as negative. There are times when your intuition warned you about something and you did change your direction. Say, you get a sick feeling to not attend a get together and  at the last minute you turn down a different street only to see in your rear view mirror a major accident. What seemed like introverted anxiety was your intuition guiding you away from danger.

It is the the knowing; what is woe and doubt and what is a deeper understanding. Listen to your gut; it can help you.


Change Transition Transformation Magical Blessings Serenity Inside JobBe the powerful change for you. You are the change. Yes, if you have anxiety and self-doubt this can seem out of control. Yet, if you alter the idea of this, you taking both courage and wisdom to make a change for you.

When you are ready and able to make small manageable adjustments is when you are better able to follow through with change. This is creates peace within you. You are calm. Which leaves you less troubled.

Putting This All Together 

In life there will be anxious woes of doubt. You are powerful and can make a courageous change for the wise. Then one day what seemed to tear you apart is your greatest tool and ally.

Be sure to read Parts 1, 2 & 3 for best results. 

Oodles of Love & Magical Blessings, 


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