Root Chakra Healing

How to Simply Heal Your Root Chakra

The root chakra is associated with the color red  This is our embodiment into our physical Selves and helps for grounding,  feeling safe and be balanced in building our foundation.   


Release and Cleanse

How often do you hear or read just release and let it go.  Or cleanse this our of your system. However, what does this truly mean?  


Light Energy

We are energy light beings who thrive on energy.  This energy very much brings us expansion. Now close your eyes and imagine the Northern Lights.  Our inner light very much dances in harmony with our energy just as the Northern Lights.   


Root Chakra is Red

This inner light helps empower our bodies.  In my last blog, we moved into a meditation to help align our Root Chakra energies with the Strawberry Full Moon. The Root Chakra is the color red.  The color red appears all around us.  We wear it, eat it and use all of our senses to enjoy the color red.  


Imbalanced Root Chakra



An imbalanced Root Chakra may show in the form of feet, legs, the endocrine systems or adrenal fatigue.  


Light Energy

Loving Yourself

This may also show in the form of loneliness, insecurities, abandonment, depression, and unstable disconnection from yourself or others.  


Simply Divine

Energy healing seems complex; and in some ways it can be; but mostly the Divine Spirit wishes for this to be gentle and simple.  Or what I like to call Simply Divine. One of the Simply Divine ways to help re-balance your energies is through nourishment.  

Nurturing Ourselves

Northern LightsClose your eyes and place your hands over your lower pelvic region.  Imagine a red strawberry in the base of your spine and pelvic region. The strawberry is light, sweet and luscious.  There is a red light that pours from the strawberry.  Imagine the light dancing within your pelvic region; just as the Northern Lights dance in the sky.  Ask Spirit to help you illuminate your pelvic region with this sweet red light.  Let this pour into you.  Inhale and exhale in a natural rhythm that syncs with your heart beat. Sit like this for 5-6 minutes.  

I am deeply rooted.

I am open to all possibilities.

I trust mySelf.


Nourishing Ourselves

Light Energy

Yummy Strawberries

Food brings forth good energies or bad energies depending on how we choose to nourish ourselves. I do not know about you, but I love berry season.  The fresh berries sweet, ripe and delicious. Enjoy a nice bowl of strawberries.  Take a bite, swirl this on your teeth, swish this in your mouth and chew in a mindful manner.  Envision this flowing all the way to the base of your spine and flushing into the lower pelvic region. Spreading and flowing in a fluid manner with your sweetness-filling you in this region and expanding throughout you. The light energies of the strawberry pulses through you. You are connecting and balancing yourself in a sweet manner full of Divine Love of Spirit.  


Chakra Garden

Chakra Garden

Natasha, I would love to learn more about natural ways to heal myself or family with creating a Chakra Garden.




Natasha, I would love to have my children work with you to help empower themselves.

Shiny Gold Star Quests: Youth and 13 & UP


Oodles of Love, 



Natasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling author and Shiny Gold Star Quest creator.  She uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  Connect with me


25 thoughts on “How to Simply Heal Your Root Chakra

  1. Jenny Mannion says:

    Thanks Natasha! Wow during these times it has never been more important to balance our root chakra! We can feel very unbalanced and thrown off and making ourselves know it is safe and we trust ourselves is crucial to our well being. Thank you for this! Sending love!

  2. Beverley Golden says:

    Loved this, Natasha! Funny that I have been very drawn to strawberries lately too. As someone who has had to consciously work on being in my root chakra, thank you for this beautiful exercise to bring me back into mine. xo

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