Energy Healing


canstockphoto9150468editedEnergetic Healing is connecting the conscious with intuition.  Being a conduit of the divine and allowing the flow to bring forward that which needs a calmer state of being. Emotional , mental and physical stress can create unhealthy patterns amongst a false belief system that can create a confusing state of being.  These energy fields can be stored and resting in our whole body system, impacting our ability to operate to its fullest potential.  

Energy healing helps one to create a process to release and clear any blocks that may be in the way; almost like a static cling to the body.  Healing this energy will restore harmony and balance to the system.  

Energy work can also help identify and bring to the surface concerns before they may even manifest and form in the body.  This helps expand our consciousness to a deeper level of understanding, harmony and a calm inner balance to one’s life. 

Some of the more well know therapies that fall under the heading “energetic healing” include Reiki, Reflexology, and Acupuncture. However, energetic healing also encompasses lesser known natural therapies such as: Aura and Chakra balancing; Flower and Vibrational Essences, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Spiritual Healing, and other forms of bodywork. Energetic healing practitioners are usually trained in a number of modalities and will combine these in their own unique way. Many combine intuitive skills with their practical and theoretical skill.

Please look over following pages to see what best fits your discovery to all the wonderful modalities that we utilize here at the Magical Blessings Healing Center.  

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  **Please note that these services are in no way rendered to be medical services-if you are in need of medical advice and/or treatment,  please seek this from a medical doctor.

          Thank you, Natasha