Soul Intuitive Drawing & Story


Plus Soul Love Self Expression

Plug Into Soul Love

Plug into Soul Love from Natasha’s Divine Self

Natasha will tune into your Heart & Soul.

Natasha will create an abstract Soul’s Intuitive Painting via a 12 x 12 canvas that your Soul wishes you to know and express. She will infuse energy healing techniques into your Soul Intuitive Painting.

Using words that show up for you, Natasha will create your 2-3 page Soul’s Story: Meditation,  Story and Self-care/Love ideas.

Soul Intuitive Storytelling Painting

Package 1:

Soul Intuitive Painting via a 12 x 12 canvas.




Soul Intuitive Storytelling Story

Package 2:

2-3 Soul Story




Soul Intuitive Storytelling Painting & StoryPackage 3:

12 x 12 Soul Intuitive Painting and 2-3 page Soul Story

Soul Intuitive

                                                                       Large pink butterfly