Readings/Soul Intuitive Drawing & Story


Reading, Oracle CardsReadings:


Using Oracle cards, I will provide a Divine reading that will provide you with clarity.

Reading and Clearing:

Using Oracle Cards and Energy Healing, Natasha will provide you with clarity and help release that which no longer serves you.

OC & C

Plus Soul Love Self Expression

Plug Into Soul Love

Plug into Soul Love from Natasha’s Divine Self

Natasha will tune into your Heart & Soul.

Natasha will create an abstract Soul’s Intuitive Painting via a 12 x 12 canvas that your Soul wishes you to know and express. She will infuse energy healing techniques into your Soul Intuitive Painting.

Using words that show up for you, Natasha will create your 2-3 page Soul’s Story: Meditation,  Story and Self-care/Love ideas.

Soul Intuitive Storytelling Painting

Package 1:

Soul Intuitive Painting via a 12 x 12 canvas.




Soul Intuitive Storytelling Story

Package 2:

2-3 Soul Story




Soul Intuitive Storytelling Painting & StoryPackage 3:

12 x 12 Soul Intuitive Painting and 2-3 page Soul Story

Soul Intuitive

Energy Clearing 

Karma is the memory of our souls, and can be from another lifetime.  What we did not finish in another life, we are to finish in the current one. This may persistently present itself as an uninvited guest who won’t leave. Uncomfortable situations are the consequence of lingering karma, which can always be reversed and resolved. There is no time frame and through energy clearing and shaman techniques, I can help you release this from you.       

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Soul Retrieval/Soul Integration and Past Life Clearing also include a reading.  


SOUL RETRIEVAL & SOUL INTEGRATION:  Soul psychology is energy from your Soul. Traditional modes of living can make a fragmentation or loss that interferes with the order of the Soul.  The small self ego is a nasty critter that loves to see you sabotage yourSelf over & over. My Divine energy clearing can return a sense of loss via a Soul Retrieval. It is a way to sing the Soul home. The singing of the Soul home encompasses a need to integrate a gentle harmonious reunion to retrieve the missing energies and create a deep inner peace.  This helps restore harmony and balance of Self to Soul. I will weave the energy pieces together in a melodious manner which helps the energies to heal and raise your vibrations- joy, harmony and bliss return to a happy peaceful Self & Soul.

PAST LIFE HEALING:  One’s past life can become stuck in the aura creating a negative vibrational pattern. This can make an unknown energy force and negative vibrational patterns within one’s Self.  It seems like unknown and recurring patterns keep happening.  Why do I seem stuck in a rut or nasty pattern.  Did I not learn this lesson.  The lesson will repeat itself as many times as necessary until it is complete and learned.  Helping to release this from Karmic ties and your aura can also let go of what was and allow you to move forward.

Greenery Clearings

  **Please note that these services are in no way rendered to be medical services-if you are in need of medical advice and/or treatment,  please seek this from a medical doctor.

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