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Serenity is an Inside Job Part 3

Serenity is a way for you to make courageous and wise decisions that will change your life. This was my word for 2017. I have not ever chosen a word to be my word of the year. So, I was not sure how this would show up in my life.

Wise Courage 

Serenity Inside Job Change Chance Transition Transformation Magical Blessings Courage WisdomSo many changes showed up for me. There have been days where my head spins and I wonder where I get off the out of control roller coaster, and then suddenly things calm down. The best attribute for my personal growth was the disallowance of being a peace keeper. Early on in my life, I learned to be given love was through peaceful negations with family members. In truth, this is not the greatest affect for anyone. Therefore, being courageous to walk away from things that did not serve me was one of the bravest and wisest experiences for serenity.

You, too, be courageous to walk way from anything that no longer severs you. If this sounds wonky, think of this as a mission and if the mission went away or feels like it is over; move on. You will be glad that you did.

Clarifying Self-Confidence 

Intuitive and serenity go hand and hand for you. I found a much deeper intuitive connection that lead me to more  self- confidence. We are all here to grow and learn. Even the bravest and most fearless have things that can stop them in their tracks. You need to keep moving, learning and growing. Let go of complacency. Move onward and discover that through clarity your self-confidence arises in a whole new way.

This may require change. It may be an big adjustment. Step back and be gentle with yourself during a time of transition. There is no race. You will not win nor lose; it is all about the wonderful discoveries along the way. Let go of expectations and let yourself grow, learn and courageously shift.

Bringing it to my Soul 

Dance Spirit Mountain Rejuvenation Healing Divine Magical Blessings

Dance of Spirit @Magical Blessings

Serenity brought me much closer to my soul. Each step and shift adjust my sails and brought me to other destinations unknown. A destination does not have to be a location. This can also be a moment in time. A way for your to traverse the new by letting go of the old.

Let it Go, Let it Flow meditations and resurgence of painting @ my Heart Loft brought so much serene moments  for me. Yes, this brought forth much change; in fact I was in transition all of 2017. Yet, this also brought for one of my greatest dreams to build my dream home. 2018 will bring forth this dream and it all began with calm, courageous change.

I can do it! 

You can do it! 

Let’s do this together! 

Be sure to read Part 1-3 for best results. 

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Stop by the Heart Loft and stay a bit; you won’t regret it. 

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Natasha Botkin Magical Blessings Healing CenterNatasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling Author and Artist.  She uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  Connect with me Magical Blessings Healing Center


How to Enjoy a Simply Mind-Blowing Way to Slow Down

How do you begin your day?  Are you checking your calendar right away and through out the day.  Or does your phone chime and remind you that you are mind-blowingly busy? When is the last time that you simply enjoyed a moment to slow down?

Once upon a time, I was that person whose calendar was color coded for each family member.  So, much so that I may have had to schedule moments to take a breath.  I do not know how many times, I would say, Omgosh, I forgot to eat or I need to get this email out; as I typed and shoved food in my face.

Slow down or Pay the Piper

Basically, my body gave me a heads up that I was way too busy.  There would be times where I would look at my calendar and my ego would relish in the fact that I could do more in a day than most in a week.

Who was I kidding?  Me, myself and I.  Did I heed the cancer warning?  For a bit, and then was once again off to internal races.  When I reflect back, I am not even sure who I was in competition with; it may have even been myself.

Mind-Blowing Concept

After years of a traumatic crisis that severed my family; I was left lost, bone tired and the words, I did not wish to hear, let alone connect with floated into my existence.  The denial was immense: adrenal fatigue.


Simply Slow Down 

I had to pay the piper and the piper was not requiting the nonsense.  There were days when getting out of bed was a major accomplishment.  I began to work from home, as a single lady, a lack of work was not an option.  I would piter to my computer, logon and make it through the day.  Then, it was time for a long nap.

The long strideful hikes became slow meandering strolls.  It made me smile when a mature lady and her walker zipped right passed me as if I was standing still.  It was in these moments, that I began to relish, enjoy and savior the slowness that I had succumbed to.

The meta-cognition of a pattern literally ripped from my ego and my soul stepping in to guide me in a new way.

Slow Down

Peaceful Beach

Simple Mind-Blowing Ways to Slow Down

  1. Do Less- You are not in competition with anyone including yourself.  There is plenty of time; even if that time is another day.
  2. Be present- Listen to one to listen; not to answer.  That includes yourself.  Be mindful of what you are doing at each moment; not worrying about the past or the future.
  3. Focus one at a time.  No multi-tasking.  I was the guru of serial multi-tasking.  Focus on one moment, thing, person at a time.
  4. Disconnect- Enjoy a hot bath, walk in nature.  Turn off electronics, phone and sit and enjoy a cup of tea, glass of wine and simple do nothing.
  5. Eat slower; Chew each bite approximately 25 bites.  Savor the nourishment that you are providing your body.
  6. Breathe- Meditate, relax, rest and breath.  When you are racing to the next item on the checklist are you truly breathing.  Slow down, sit and take 3 large inhales and exhales several times a day.  Your emotional, spiritual bodies will love this and this also helps connect these to the mental and physical bodies; all breathing in harmony equals harmonious balance.


Mind-blowing ways to slow down

Start in the Dark Workbook

Start in the Dark Workbook is a gentle way to slow down and help with the distortion of always being busy, on the go and so much more.  This will meet you where you are at and help to break the meta-cognition patterns that may be holding you stuck in a cycle.






Oodles of Love & Magical Blessings, 



Natasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling author and Shiny Gold Star Quest creator.  As a Dark Heart Teacher, she uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  Connect with me

Power of the Voice

The power of your voice can empower you or disempower you. 

The choice is up to you.

Have you ever felt as if you are not being heard and raise your volume, just to discover that your vocals were misunderstood? All of a sudden you went from the little unassuming voice to the one that seems out of control.


You are speaking and every time that you speak, someone else speaks over you? Stop, pause by taking a deep breath and realize this is about them and not you.

I personally know both sides; the non listened to where others felt that their wisdom was much wiser. only to discover that they did not know what they were speaking of, and me taking the de-railed train back on course with my own wisdom.


Being told that just because I am able to project my voice that does not mean I have much to say; I am just loud.

Ahhh contraire! Through vocal training for singing, drama and other avenues, my voice expands well. THis is not to say that I should or purposely try to over speak someone.

In fact, some of my best vocal moments are refined, and they embody the smooth and grace of a fine wine.  

With all of the social media noise that can pollute us, Be sure to choose wisely what you voice and how it is voiced.  

Sorry, not ever one will wish to hear what you have to say or agree with you. This does not mean giving up on you because of another.

There is wisdom in knowing when to speak and when not to. 

Inspiration is key and if I had listened, then many would not hear me and that was not of divine order nor my divine path.  Releasing their anger and pain that I was sided with was part of my resolution.

A quick question are you talking to talk or you speaking to be listened to? 

Using the Power of Your Voice

Ways to Have You Voice Heard in a Wise Manner of Speaking:

1. Greet another or others with enthusiasm.  If you are grumpy or aggressive in your greeting people will not wish to listen to you.

2. Watch your tone of voice.  Ninety percent of misunderstandings are about the tone of your voice.

3. Perception.  How is what you are saying being perceived?  In other words are you speaking only to talk or  are you allowing a moment for another to process what you are saying.  For example, do you hear people as well when you are tired or had a long day?

4. Be yourself and enjoy the moment.

5. Step back and Pause.  This goes back to perception. One time I thought that I was not being heard until i stepped back and paused.  This allowed me to realize that I was not only being heard, I was being listened to in a mega manner.

6. Speak from a loving place.  People can tell if you being sincere or blowing smoke.  They can also feel the love in your voice. Reflect on a moment when you were a child; did you wish to be hollered at or spoken to in a calm voice filled with love?

May you use your voice as a wise  and loving communication device.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 


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Natasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Energy Intuitive Healer and #1 International Best Selling Author and creator of Reclaiming Your Power, Empower Your Words and Heart Meditative Writing. Gifted with the divine wisdom of guiding one transforming heart and soul with passion, creative play and healing energies.  Natasha works closely with all the elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit) from a multi-dimensional healing of energies releasing patterns and blocks by helping one to shine their light and empower them. 

Natasha is also an English Language Arts and Special Education teacher who specializing in communication of speaking and listening and social skills.

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