The Heart Loft

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Welcome to the Heart Loft here at Magical Blessings

Combining expression with art.

Do you wish to connect to your heart & soul on a deeper level?

This does not have to be rigid nor structured.

@ the Heart Loft we produce incredible art using a unique combination:

Meditation, Paint, Photography, Writing

Now, let’s combine this for surefire methods:

Painting with Meditation, Painting with Note cards, Painting with Writing, graphic arts and more.

All this becomes:

Feminine Goddess Magical Blessings Natasha Prints, Original Art Work, Commissioned Art

Meditative Art



Journaling, Graphic Images,

Pillows, T-shirts and so much more…


Come join and see the creative expression at the Heart Loft.

Be sure to visit!

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Come paint & write with me and see what you can create.