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Natasha holds Duel Degrees in Special & General Education. She is a Behavioral Specialist (specializing in Autism, Developmental Disabilities, At-Risk Youth & one who just does not “fit into” society’s mold), and expert in English Language Art (Reading, Writing & Communication). With more than 15 years experience, Natasha provides a safe learning atmosphere full of positive influence, and joy by helping one to see the best that they can be.


Youth Corner: (All ages from 0-18)

Express Self Expression

Express YourSelf
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Self-Expression: Have you ever felt like the “odd duck” or one who does not “fit into” society’s idea? This is a safe place of non-judgement. Please show as you are. You are a wonderful, creative individual.

So often children are being “molded” to fit a form: family, media, friends & etc. Let us honor and respect the power of each individual youth and help them to blossom into the most incredible individual.

At Youth Corner there are many ways to express one’s self: Art: Draw, Paint, Write,  Fluid Movement and so much more.

laptop, virtual academicsAcademics: Academically, Natasha helps non-readers, non-writers or those without life-skills to new heights.  She has methods that transcends the norm and guides youth to not only improve, but find a like and often love for reading, writing and math skills that are very much-needed in the academic arena and also life-skills.

Natasha has the understanding that not every child learns in the same way nor on the same day. Each day brings forth a positive for learning when the teacher respects each student’s learning style.  


Sometimes a student desires to have an education; however the typical “educational umbrella” may not fit your child’s needs.  All individuals are able to learn, Natasha’s motto is “all individuals are Learners, just not in the same way on the same day.”  Let’s meet your youth where they are & where they will be successful.  

One of ways that educators lose students is believing that this is the only element of a youth.  Academics are only a portion of who your youth is, and Natasha is a firm believer in meeting a student at where they are at in this moment and build from there to shine and be the best they can be. 

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