Academics: Reading, Writing & Math

Academics Education reading writing math Natasha holds Duel Degrees in Special & General Education. She is a Behavioral Specialist (specializing in Autism, Developmental Disabilities, At-Risk Youth & one who just does not “fit into” society’s mold), and expert in English Language Art (Reading, Writing & Communication). With more than 15 years experience, Natasha provides a safe learning atmosphere full of positive influence, and joy by helping one to see the best that they can be.

The academics of reading, writing and math are key core subjects for each student. When a student is unable to read, write or compute math at their grade level this can create stress, lack of performance or giving up. Sometimes teachers see this as a behavior concern when it is a need to help strengthen a student’s mastery of skills.


Natasha’s success ratio is high for increasing reading skills for Dibles & MAPs. This also helps calm your student’s woes for everyday assignments.  Students read on a daily basis and Natasha is able to gauge what skills a student needs to work on and how to further improve.

Reading Magical Blessings Academics

Reading: Students need reading skills to complete all subjects. This leads to further vocabulary development.

  • Reading Comprehension:
  • Reading Fluency
  • Phonics/Phonemic Awareness/Decoding
  • Vocabulary


Natasha has created her own writing format that has created non-writers into writers.  She combines two known structures with her own formation of Step Up to Writing and Hamburger Writing format.  She breaks writing down into more manageable steps that helps a student soar to more success.

Language Writing Academics

Writing: Effective writing skills from basic sentence structure to essay writing is an essential life-skill.

  • Grammar
  • Sentence Structure
  • Paragraph/Essay
  • Spelling


Natasha is able to gauge what math skills are missing and teaches students in a way that improves both missing math skills and those that are necessary to move to the next level.

Math Academics Math: Basic math skills are necessary for every day living.

  • Math Operations
  • Calculation
  • Formulas
  • Money
  • Real World Word Math Problems


Natasha offers 6 or 9  week educational assistance programs.

Students meet 2 times a week for 30 mins. in Natasha’s virtual Zoom Classroom.

Academic Learning Fees:

6 weeks: $375

9 weeks: $500

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