Natasha Botkin MSc.Ed.R.m is certified with a Master’s of Science and Education; plus, she’s a Behavioral Specialist


  • Autism
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • At-Risk Youth
  • One who just does not “fit into” society’s mold

With more than 16 years education experience, Natasha provides a safe learning atmosphere full of positive influence, and joy by helping one to see the best that they can be.


Sometimes a student desires to have an education; however the typical “educational umbrella” may not fit your child’s needs.  All individuals are able to learn, Natasha’s motto is “all are Learners, just not in the same way on the same day.”  Let’s meet your youth where they are & help them to be successful.  

One of ways that educators lose students is believing that this is the only element of a youth.  Academics are only a portion of your youth’s life.  Natasha is a firm believer in meeting the whole student at where they are at in this moment and build from there to shine and be the best they can be. 


Behavioral: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)  & Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT):  ABA CBT Applied Behavior Analysis Cognitive Behavior Therapy Magical Blessings

A youth who has been labeled as a behavior concern is not a “nuisance.”  They are misunderstood and need firm & kind guidance. As a mom blessed with 2 boys with  Autism Spectrum & multiple disabilities; they are often misunderstood.  People focusing more on what is the “norm of society.” What if society loses the labels and looks at the beautiful, unique qualities that these individuals can provide.

Natasha’s success is meeting the youth where they are at the present moment and building them up from there.  The most magical aspects begin to emerge and “behaviors” begin to alter to a calmer more harmonious manner for all involved.

  • Teaching Social Skills in a fun & effective manner.
  • Allowing student’s voice & concerns to be heard & teaching them how to better communicate.
  • Enabling Youth to feel Empowered.
  • Love & kindness without violence to themselves & others.
  • Helping to communicate their individual needs.

Due to the nature of the concerns and needs the prices are based on individual need.

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IEP Folder small  Special Education Consultant:

As a parent with two children who had IEP’s, it was daunting to attend IEP meetings where others are using language or ideas that you may not fully understand.  Let me help you to empower yourself, so that you may help achieve the best academics for your student.

Provide me with the IEP and the details of your youth’s academic needs:

  • Behavioral charts
  • Data
  • Academic work samples

Natasha will decipher whether your student’s IEP/ FBA/PIB/504 is being followed & what you can do to alter this to be more beneficial for you & your student.

Let me help you be successful and feel empowered for your youth’s needs & provide direction as to what your youth’s IEP can look like.

Natasha will provide you the details that you will need to make sure that you are being heard and the final IEP is in alignment with your student’s individual needs.

Due to the nature of the concerns and needs the prices are based on individual need.

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get stated. 

The academics of reading, writing and math are key core subjects for each student. When a student is unable to read, write or compute math at their grade level this can create stress, lack of performance or giving up. Sometimes teachers see this as a behavior concern when it is a need to help strengthen a student’s mastery of skills. Natasha has a high success rate.

Reading Magical Blessings Academics

Reading: Students need reading skills to complete all subjects. This leads to further vocabulary development.

  • Reading Comprehension:
  • Reading Fluency
  • Phonics/Phonemic Awareness/Decoding
  • Vocabulary


Natasha has created her own writing format that has created non-writers into writers.  She combines two known structures with her own formation of Step Up to Writing and Hamburger Writing format.  She breaks writing down into more manageable steps that helps a student soar to more success.

Language Writing Academics

Writing: Effective writing skills from basic sentence structure to essay writing is an essential life-skill.

  • Grammar
  • Sentence Structure
  • Paragraph/Essay
  • Spelling


Natasha is able to gauge what math skills are missing and teaches students in a way that improves both missing math skills and those that are necessary to move to the next level.

Math Academics Math: Basic math skills are necessary for every day living.

  • Math Operations
  • Calculation
  • Formulas
  • Money
  • Real World Word Math Problems


Natasha offers 6 or 9  week educational assistance programs.

Students meet 2 times a week for 30 mins. in Natasha’s virtual Zoom Classroom.

Academic Learning Fees:

6 weeks: Please Ask

9 weeks: Please Ask

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