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You probably want to know what I can do:

As a Domestic Violence survivor, I had to overcome shame and guilt by re-building me through spiritual psychology and emotional intelligence. The resilient, empowered woman in me re-emerged.  On top of this, I raised my Autistic boys outside of the norm and helped guide them to embrace their quirky, unique selves. Life seemed to magically work throughout all of this. Nature, Meditation, Soul Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Art, Writing, and Reiki are powerful healing tools. 

Let’s transform your trauma into a happy ending!Magical Wellness 17 Restore Rested Rejuvenat

Let’s meet you where you’re at right now and, I’ll help guide you to let go: anxiety, self-harm, patterns, triggers & obstacles that are blocking your success. 

Let’s help you:

Rest! Reflect! Re-Set!

You’ll be brand sparkling new! 

You probably want to know who I am:

Hello, my name is Natasha Botkin MSc.BSpEd.Rm. 

I’m a mom, girlfriend, and all around Lightbringing Witchy Warrior Queen B! 

I’m a Spiritual & Behavioral Energy Healer who walks with the Masters, Angels, Spirits & Mystical Lightbringers. I’m an Artist, Writer (#1 International Best Selling Author), and Master Teacher.

My Master’s grad work was super innovative and crossed many boundaries. Yep, I earned a science and education Master’s with a Spiritual Project. Which goes hand in hand with my life long belief  that “Anything is magically possible.”

I look forward to meeting and working with you! 

Oodles of Love,


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