About Natasha Cassidy Msc.BSp.Ed.Rm.

Self-Care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

-Katie Reed

Natasha Cassidy MScBSpEd.Rm.

Hello, I’m Natasha Cassidy MSc.BSpEd.RM. Writer, Artist and Intuitive Behavioral Specialist.

I’m a quirky, sassy trauma suvivor healing the best that I can.

I’m a “recovering,” peacekeeping perfectionist who’s improving with whimsical transformations.

Healing childhood trauma and domestic violence is no easy feat. Add two Autistic sons and it was a recipe for one hot mess. Yet, somehow resilience helped me through it all. That & allota tears and plenty of Do-Overs.

I am the queen of DO-Overs!!

Sharing is Caring!

I found that what I was told “worked” for others didn’t even come close for me.

That’s because you have magic in you. It’s yours and no one else can “heal” you.

However, I can help you! I discovered through my own process how to tap into personal power and freaky magic.


Are you tired?

You’re exhausted from trying and not seeing real success.

It worked for a bit and same-o, same-o.

You resist from fear of being critized and judged.

Independence is the only thing you can trust as so many have let you down; including you.

People don’t realize how intense it is for you to ask for help and then treat you as if you’er overly needy.

You want peace, but give in or say yes when internally you’re screaming NO.



Let’s remember your magic!

You can release and learn from the past.

You can take that dark pain and create your magic.

You can call out Do-Over and craft a new beginning.

Life is a draft and you can make as many revisions and clean slates as you need. There’s no one size fits all. You can do it!

You’re here because you have incredibleness to do. Now, let’s get started with that Do-Over.