About Roy Cassidy MSc.BSc.AAr.MPr.

I’m a Life Advisor not a Life Coach. Why?
What is a Coach in the normal sense?
A Coach is someone that is in control, makes the decisions and expects them to be followed. If not there are consequences.

I’m not a Coach
I’m not in control of Your life.
I don’t make the decisions in Your life.
It’s up to You if you follow my advice or not.

If you need a Coach for Your life then I’m not the one for you.
If you need someone to listen to you. Hear what you have to say about Your life. Hear what you would like and need in Your life. To talk and discuss. Then give you informed advice form myself or the multiple Experts in their field I can consult with and have access to. Then I’m the Life Advisor for you.

I can help with but not limited to:
Personal Problems
Relationship Problems
Decision Making
Anxiety Troubles
Child Behavior