Are You Open to Changes?

Several years ago, I wrote a lucious book called “Awakening the Feminine Goddess.” Zap to 8 weeks ago, I was gifted in the most auspicous new cover.

Unfortunately, this brought forth an elated feeling, and then the anxiety mucked it up. Deep down I knew that the inside no longer matched the outside. The what ifs screamed their nonsense and I felt defeated.

Change is hard. Life can be hard. Anxiety can hinder progress. If you are breathing, you will have anxiety. Sometimes anxiety is minor that it’s unnoticable. However, there are times when your anxiety gets too big. That’s when you know you need to do something. The what is not always known. It’s okay to not be okay.

A way to lessen the anxious mind is to take deep breaths.

  1. Pour yourself a glass of water.
  2. Wrap your fingers around the cup.
  3. You are giving your brain something to do.
  4. Inhale, taking a deep breath.
  5. Exhale and take a sip of water.
  6. Swish this around in your mouth.
  7. After you swallow, take a deep breath in.
  8. Exhale and take a sip of water.
  9. Swish this around in your mouth.
  10. Repeat until your glass of water is finished.
  11. Rest Until you feel ready.

Ready to Share!

As with every anxious moment, it passed and the writing flowed from me. Every word typed just made sense. A giggle burst deep from within. My lady has been revised. she’s gorgeous. I am estatic and cannot wait to show you.

I am super excited to present her to you.

She’s available now. Do you dare to explore? Isn’t she just spectacular?!

Emotional Self-Help Revelations

Rarely do you hear about revelations and emotional well-being in a world that already frowns upon mental health concerns. The nuance is to better understand what is self-help emotional healing and why it is so important.



What are emotions? According to emotions are “a conscious mental reaction (such as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.” 1

There’s a cognitive and volitional state within the conscious state. Each emotion affects mental cognition. How your mental awareness deciphers that emotions causes a reaction. Your cognitive position can produce a positive or a negative reaction. Internal feedback begins the conscious inner knowing, and how you feel at any given moment. Which can tap into the subconscious transferring to the conscious. It depends on how you compute what is happening and how you feel is how you will process the emotion. Are you open to change?

Choice Embrace Emotions Feelings Limbic System Prefront Cortex Self Help

Your conscious emotional reaction is how your feelings will show up. If you are tired or hungry, you may be more apt to lash out, whereas if you are working through grief, you may internally pull back or become saddened. Feelings activate your awareness.

Your awareness determines how your emotions will affect your feelings. Happy feelings tend to create more happiness whereas, anger may generate more mad fears. Awareness bridges the gaps between the cognitive recognition that a trauma response may have triggered. When you are more aware of your underlying emotions, you can better prepare for your next steps.

Physiological Changes

One example is that you are to speak in front of a crowd. Everyone gets to determine their crowd comforts. Three individuals may be a crowd for one person. Another may find 1,000 people to be a crowd. Your physical reaction may be butterflies in your stomach or possibly dry mouth. Or, you attend a funeral and you feel like giggling where another may have tears pooling in their eyes, and with each blink, a tear falls.

Your autonomic nervous system operates by receiving information from the environment and other parts of the body. Which could cause headaches, your blood pressure to rise, and your breathing to lessen and you breathe in less oxygen. Which affects other areas of your body as “the autonomic nerve pathways connect different organs to the brain stem or spinal cord.” 2 This can lead to neurotransmitters malfunctioning if left in reactive states for too long.


The amygdala processes emotions almost like a human-computer. Your body may respond with a fight, flight, or freeze response. Your amygdala does not recognize the difference between being chased by a bear as your ancestors did to an anxious moment that sets off your anxiety, and now you may be unable to move or make a decision. Your executive functioning skills tap into your prefrontal cortex and signal that everything is okay. 3

A deeper discovery is the proactive cognitive prefrontal cortex response or a reactive limbic response. For instance, when an individual is facing a trigger, the emotions flag a response.4 Next, action is whether you tap into your cognitive recognition, or do you allow your feelings of the limbic system to get carried away? Ultimately, this is up to you.

Society has a weird reaction as to how one actively responds to accepting accountability and personal responsibility. In some instances, it almost seems that society is more accepting in one manner; but not in another; this brings you back to awareness. Are you aware of your emotional status and how your feelings can make or break you? It’s only up to you.

Self-help Self-heal healing emotions feelings natasha cassidy prefrontal cortex limbic system cognitive
Reaction (Behavioral Response)

Your frontal cortex teaches your higher executive functioning responses just as your limbic system instructs your emotional and behavioral responses. Emotional responses may seem to gain more exposure and recognition. The frontal cortex appears to have a hierarchical manner, while the limbic system helps tap into the amygdala.

To some, you can create a dangerous mind when you can tap into your cognitive emotions. 5 You can re-train your brain function through cognitive behavior therapy. Thus you can train your brain to seek out a different response. You disallow your emotions to overrule you and allow your relating thought process to be more aware. Vastly, improving your emotional well-being.

Dangerous Mind

It can seem dangerous to the societal norm that wishes to feel that they have a say-so over you. Why would anyone who deems control want you to think for yourself? Thusly, you begin to tap into your inner resources hidden within you-your inner magic. Hence bringing forth your inner knowing which provides you a way to think for yourself, and why some may be worried about you in a whole other manner.6

You should be able to tap into your higher thinking skills. Yes, emotions can be wonderful when you can guide them without them carrying you.

Why Self-Help

Webster’s dictionary 7 defines self-help as “the action or process of bettering oneself or overcoming your problems without the aid of others or professional help.” How often do you find yourself Googling your symptoms or seeking a web browser’s assistance? Some of this could be okay in the form of your belief. Professional assistance should not be frowned upon if there is concern about a bigger problem.

For example, you find yourself biting your nails; it is not as big as if you were inflecting self-harm that may also be life-threatening. Googling, reading this blog or a self-help book would be okay, if you are seeking a better way to handle anxiety, instead of biting your nails. You are self-healing and seeking bits and pieces to put together like a puzzle. Not all healing is the same, and what worked for one certainly may not work for you. It’s figuring out what is best for you.

Tying it All Together

The mystery to self-healing is awareness. Being aware of what helps or hurts you is certainly beneficial with self-healing. You could spend years and thousands of dollars and still be unhealed. The key to healing is self-awareness and being cognizantly tuned into what works for you. This is a tremendous first step and well wishes on your journey.

Natasha Cassidy MScBSpEd.Rm.


Natasha Cassidy, MSc.BSpEd.Rm., is a #1 international bestselling Author and Artist. She helps ladies better understand their Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health. So, that may pass this along to their children. Natasha uses whimsical magical to connect spiritual with science and facilitating individuals to see their magic. Natasha is the creator of the “Awakening the Feminine Goddess,” and “Miss Lacy’s Anxious Adventures” book series. Connect with me @

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Rip off the Mask & Heal Your Wounds

The world sees you by the way that you present yourself: real, false or maybe even presumed. I pose a difficult question: What if your presentation is unauthentic and a fabricated nuance of your true self? What if you are hiding from you?

Why Put on a Mask

This article is all about writing and discovering your dark truth. Writing is a powerful way to unravel the truth and be super honest with yourself.

Trauma could be the reason that you put on a mask. It’s a cover to hide your true feelings from others and possibly yourself. Unfortunately sometime sit’s easier to hide the painful wounds rather than face truth.

Better understanding the Hiddden Factors

Let’s go through darkness to add light to the wound. You have two choices continue on as before. Or rip off the bandage, and allow light to enter the wound, so that you may rediscover your truth.

Set the timer for five-ten minutes. Write or type whatever comes up.

Invision this: When you’re ill, you put on a mask. Are you telling the world that you’re ill? Is your illness false pretentions?

When you are no longer ill, you don’t need to wear a face mask. Take off the mask. Show up as you. Now how do you feel?

Bleeding Wounds

Let’s get real. Let’s get raw. Are your wounds bleeding on others in your present world that had nothing to do with the original wound?

It does no one any good to continue as usual. Yes, you’re gonna have to rip the bandage away. Find solace in the fact that once you rip away that bandage, a deeper inner healing can occur.

Don’t you desire peace, happiness and joy?

To some this article may seem bleak and umber dark. This is authentic truth at its finest! If you desire to keep your life as is, go for it. If you wish for a more somber approach go for it. I am ready, willing and able to guide when your ready to face the hard core truth.

Come experience

Self-Love Magic

Journey with me and open up your self-love goddess channel.

Oodles of Love,


Natasha Botkin Magical Wellness Blessings Healing

Natasha Botkin MSc.BSpEd. Rm., Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling Author and Artist. She uses healing whimsical, magical, soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns, blocks, and trauma to help them empower themselves. Connect with me Magical Wellness