Awakening the Feminine Goddess

Do you dare to explore the deepest darkest parts of your emotions?

She’s a book for ladies of all ages. What perfect way to help you heal you inner child, revive your inner teenself, and better help your teenage daughter understand herself.

Healing isn’t meant to be complicated. AFG is simple, yet powerful. She gets straight to the point, doesn’t dilly dally and voila a self-healer emerges feeling calmer, magical and powerful .

Explore through archetypes a better way to understand the feminine parts of you from birth and beyond. The Feminine Goddess is awakening deep within you. Claim your inner magic. Regain your focus, align your clarity and reclaim your power.

Order your copy and be more acquainted with yourself. Enjoy this color-filled adventure- available in both Print and Kindle Form through Amazon. Or order here for a signed author’s copy. Large order available.

Hardcover coming soon…