Chakra Wellness Meditation

Welcome to the Magical, Whimsical World of Wellness.

“Anything is magically possible!” – Natasha Cassidy MSc.BSpEd.Rm.

Be prepared to be whisked away with Unicorn energy and spiritual the energy healings of Natasha.

You’ll be transformed by using:

– Sound Healing

– Positive Chakra Vibrational Energy

– Positive Affirmations

– Crystal Energy

Use this meditation anytime you feel stuck, bogged down or gloomy.

Soon you’ll be feeling all shiny and renewed. 

Oodles of Love,

**Medical disclaimer: This is in no way a medical treatment. Please seek medical assistance if you feel depressed or suicidal.

** This is a one time digital file purchase.

** Purchaser is satisfied at their own risk