Empower Your Radiance

My specialty & methods help people express themselves, even if they are non-verbal or super shy.

Express Self Expression

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Let’s see you Shine!               

Each course scheduled: 1:1; group session/couple session is available

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6 WEEKs Seed – radiance: 

Seed Radiance Empower Magical Blessings

Seed – Radiance @Magical Blessings

  • Discover where you are at right now with my Self Expressive Discovery Technique.
  • Let go of anxiety, worry, self-doubt and old beliefs that are blocking your inner power. So that you can plant your seeds of success with my surefire methods.
  • You will bring forth your Feminine Goddess/Masculine God with Emotional Resilience, Persistence, Sensuality, Sexuality, Gratitude and Spirituality.
  • As your seeds sprout and you begin to blossom you will feel your inner goddess/god begin to shine.
  • Your budding beauty/handsomeness will surface both externally and internally.
  • You are like a blossoming flower. Your authentic voice will bring forth the most powerful you ever.
  • Show this world how incredibly amazing you are!

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