Meditative Art

Personally, I love art and meditation. What better way to enjoy both.

Meditative Art is using both art and meditation. You can use the art piece to glance at while you go into a deeper meditative state or can use the meditation that comes with the art . Your possibilities are endless.Meditative Art Heart Loft Magical Blessings Painting Meditation

Meditative Art:

Feminine Goddess Magical Blessings Natasha

First glance and look at this painting. What color calls out to you? Cup your hands, this can be together or apart (no open fingers) and place this on your lap while closing your eyes. Take a deep breath in for the count of 6. Hold this for 3. Exhale releasing all of your breath to a count of 9. Now imagine the color that you choose in your cupped hands. Inhale to the count of 6. Hold for 7 and then exhale for 9. Repeat this one more time. On the final exhale let all of your breath out of your lungs with a big swoosh of air. Keeping your eyes closed, bring your color cupped hands up to your heart.  Naturally inhale and exhale. Allow your natural breathing and heart beat sync together. Imagine the with each beat of your heart and each breath this is spreading to all of your body.  This is Spirit/Divine Light filling you healing energies. Let this flow through you. Sit for as long as you need.  Namaste

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