Positive Affirmations Course

Positive Affirmations are not spiritual mumbo jumbo.

They help you affirm your inner contentment, next steps and breathe your wishes into your heart.

The Positive Affirmations E-course is three weeks long. 

Each module is one week. 

You will love the step by step instructions both through video and pdf.

There's also tip and tricks just in case you need them. 

  • Module 1:

 Begin each sacred session with 17 seconds of breath meditation. This helps prepare you to write. Each day has multple writing prompts and writing spaces. 

  • Module 2:

This week is all about capturing photos. Get out in Nature. Have fun. Be creative. 

  • Module 3:

Creatively craft your writing and images  together  to  bring them to light. Use these for business or personal preferences. The possibilites are endless.