Magical Blessings Distance Learning Academy

In 1996, Natasha Cassidy MSc.BSped.Rm. began her educational nuances as the mom helper in her oldest son’s classroom. When her youngest son began school, Natasha was once again the mom classroom helper. However an administrator told her that she missed her calling. From there Natasha returned back to school and finished her degrees. She found that her Autistic sons are her muses. Natasha discovered that there is so much more to students than just a student id number.

Natasha has helped develop multiple educational systems both in the traditional learning environment and the virtual distance learning environment. She has taught in non-tradtional systems: Prision, jail and mental health facilities.

Magical Blessings Healing Center Emotional Intelligence

Not all students learn in the same way nor on the same day. A vigilent teacher must be prepared for plan b and may need to utilize several alphabet letters. The intense needs of Natasha’s students & families has presented that everyone benefits when all are able to be present.

Natasha found through art and SEL that anyone is able to communicate. She infuses behavioral science (ei) and creativity to help all ages be able to belief in themselves and create effective emotional wellness. After self-healing Natasha recognized her abilities to assist others in their own healing, so she opened Magical Blessings Healing Center.

Are you a self-starter or maybe someone who likes self-help? MHBC courses are self-directed.

Never compromise yourself.

Go for it!

Let’s reclaim your inner magic!

Check out these cool Self-Directed Courses:

Positive Affirmations Course

Self- Love Magic Course

Or maybe you like the idea of a self-directed course, but you find yourself procrastinating. Work 1:1 with Natasha and let’s help you be successful.

Coming Soon Social/Emotional Learning Course(s).