Rip off the Mask & Heal Your Wounds

The world sees you by the way that you present yourself: real, false or maybe even presumed. I pose a difficult question: What if your presentation is unauthentic and a fabricated nuance of your true self? What if you are hiding from you?

Why Put on a Mask

This article is all about writing and discovering your dark truth. Writing is a powerful way to unravel the truth and be super honest with yourself.

Trauma could be the reason that you put on a mask. It’s a cover to hide your true feelings from others and possibly yourself. Unfortunately sometime sit’s easier to hide the painful wounds rather than face truth.

Better understanding the Hiddden Factors

Let’s go through darkness to add light to the wound. You have two choices continue on as before. Or rip off the bandage, and allow light to enter the wound, so that you may rediscover your truth.

Set the timer for five-ten minutes. Write or type whatever comes up.

Invision this: When you’re ill, you put on a mask. Are you telling the world that you’re ill? Is your illness false pretentions?

When you are no longer ill, you don’t need to wear a face mask. Take off the mask. Show up as you. Now how do you feel?

Bleeding Wounds

Let’s get real. Let’s get raw. Are your wounds bleeding on others in your present world that had nothing to do with the original wound?

It does no one any good to continue as usual. Yes, you’re gonna have to rip the bandage away. Find solace in the fact that once you rip away that bandage, a deeper inner healing can occur.

Don’t you desire peace, happiness and joy?

To some this article may seem bleak and umber dark. This is authentic truth at its finest! If you desire to keep your life as is, go for it. If you wish for a more somber approach go for it. I am ready, willing and able to guide when your ready to face the hard core truth.

Come experience

Self-Love Magic

Journey with me and open up your self-love goddess channel.

Oodles of Love,


Natasha Botkin Magical Wellness Blessings Healing

Natasha Botkin MSc.BSpEd. Rm., Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling Author and Artist. She uses healing whimsical, magical, soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns, blocks, and trauma to help them empower themselves. Connect with me Magical Wellness

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