Educational Consultant

Natasha Cassidy MSc.BSpEd.R.m


  • Autism
  • Emotional Dysregulation
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • At-Risk Youth
  • One who just does not “fit into” society’s mold

With more than 20 years education experience, Natasha provides a safe learning atmosphere full of positive influence, and joy by helping one to see the best that they can be. Natasha is a firm believer in working with the whole youth and not just a student identification number. 

IEP Folder small  Special Education Consultant:

As a parent with two children who had IEP’s, it was daunting to attend IEP meetings where others are using language or ideas that you may not fully understand.  Let me help you to empower yourself, so that you may help achieve the best academics for your student.

Provide me with the IEP and the details of your youth’s academic needs:

  • IEP
  • Evaluation
  • Behavioral charts
  • Data
  • Academic work samples

Natasha will decipher whether your student’s

  • IEP
  • Functional Behavior Analysis
  • Positive Intervention Plan
  • 504

is being followed & what you can do to alter this to be more beneficial for you & your student. 

Let me help you be successful and feel empowered for your youth’s needs & provide direction as to what your youth’s IEP can look like.

Natasha will provide you the details that you will need to make sure that you are being heard and the final IEP is in alignment with your student’s individual needs.

Or maybe it’s not about an IEP and you are unsure how to help your child’s teacher better understand your child’s learning style and academic needs. 

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