Awetisome Mama/Papa Tea

Do you heel unheard?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Let’s grab a cup of tea and chat.

Once upon a time, I was an overwhelmed single Mama with two beautiful boys on the Autism Spectrum. In many ways they were similar and in other ways they are their own quirky selves.


Let’s Show Them! 
  • Where others said they’d be non verbal; they speak well.
  • Where others said they would not walk well; even tried to get me to cut their Achilles tendons, so they would walk “correctly.” They walk phenomenally and we never did that surgery.
  • Others would say they’ll never live on their own. I am happy to say that both of my young men reside on their own.

Never tell this Awetisome Mama no! We went through lots of therapy: Speech, Occupational, Physical and Emotional/Behavioral. My muses are who I am today a Awetisome Mama extraordinaire and thrive in my educational titles well. I have a Master’s of Science in Education and Behavioral Speciality.

Dear sweet Awetisome Mama/Papa come chat with me and together we can help you feel whole and able to tackle anything that comes your way.