Magical Blessings Wellness Meditation Natasha Cassidy REflecting Waters
“There’s calmness within your inner magic”
– Natasha Cassidy MSc.BSpEd.Rm.

Are you new to meditation?

Do you wish to learn more about meditation?

Do you need a refresher?

Or looking for a wellness group as rare as you?

Meditation is a way to disconnect from the stressors in your life.

Mindful Meditation helps you to better connect with your needs, lessen stress triggers, sleep better and have more calmness in your life.

We have two options for you a mediation class or meditation downloads. 

Check out the selections: 

Our Meditation class as unique as you.

Meditation on Your Terms 

Magical Blessings has many options:.

      • Monthly Meditation Wellness Guidance Circle
      • Work 1:1 with Natasha
      • Come to your location. $50 corporate fee  (travel fee may apply outside of Tacoma); larger groups please inquire for fee.


    Mindful Meditation

Meditation for Introverts Mindful Class