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 Rave Reviews for Natasha: 

“A huge enormous shout out to Natasha for her extra ordinary gifts of healing. She has healed so many of my family members in one amazing swoop. I am so entirely whole heartedly grateful and extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her in such a profound way. Words are just not expressing the gratitude I feel. THANK YOU SO MUCH.”– Lisa

“Sometimes one has to go through something in order for one’s self to truly understand what your soul needs. When I first took the altar class. I was confused. Natasha helped me, guided me and I wrote what I needed for my altar down. What I did learn was I don’t listen to my soul. I have an ego trip! After I took the class things slowly starting popping up! Ego was horrid and soul was saying make your altar! Finally after a while and seeing I need my happiness back. My soul came through ‘see your altar is going to help!’  Now, I realize what items I need during the discovery with Natasha. I’m going to dance I tell ya! And my soul is oh so rejoicing. She teaches you how to listen, be patient, do not over think it, and allow it.” -Sheli

“Before working with Natasha, my daughter was going through difficult trials. I wasn’t sure that this would help.  Natasha was able to help my daughter realize how special she is and how to shine to be herself (no matter what).” Rosa  (*please note due to the age of the youth-their identity will remain anonymous.)

“My doggie was very ill and on life support.  Natasha was able to communicate with her.  My sweet girl made a full recovery and is bouncing around the yard.” -Rita

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