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Miss Lacy and Mama reading Miss Lacys book.

After ending a domestic violence relation-ship Natasha went back to college. This guided her from teaching reading, writing and math interventions, and lead her heart tumbling into the unknown Social Emotional Learning world.

Roy has come from the “wrong side of the tracks” with a significant learning disability and ADHD. In his academic world, he was often told he shouldn’t even try. Defying many odds, Roy overcame the no’s & earned several degrees.

Both Natasha & Roy battled through their children’s education wanting more for them. Don’t tell this Autism Mama, no. Let’s try this and see where this can go. “My children are more than their Autism and they deserve every chance.

Are you tired?

You’re exhausted from trying or it seems to take forever and then do not see real success.

It worked a bit; then same-o, same-o.

You resist from fear of being critized and judged. You’re amazing and no one gets to tell you how to feel.

Independence is the only thing you can trust as so many have let you down; seriously, who is going to understand you.

People don’t realize how intense it is for you to ask for help and then treat you as if you’re overly needy.

You want peace, but give in or say yes when internally you’re screaming NO.

But what if it isn’t always this way.

This is why we created several different items. No one learns in the same way or on the same day. Plus, gotta respect the budget.

At Magical Blessings Healing Center you will discover:

Bookstore: Awakening the Feminine Goddess brings forth a way to talk so your teen will listen. It may also help you heal your own inner child and inner teen. Miss Lacy & other books help a parent and children better understand anxieties and how to better handle when anxieties get too big.

Magical Blessings Distance Learning Academy: Choose one of our ecourses that helps you flourish.

Meditations: Let’s learn how to take deep breaths.

Work 1:1 with Natasha or Roy.

Natasha has created multiple SE Learning Programs for both the traditional learning environment and the virtual online learning environment.

What is Social Emotional Learning?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to deal with other people successfully. By understanding one’s own feelings one can better able understand and evaluate others.

To empathize is to see with the eyes of another, to hear with the ears of another and to feel the heart of another. Empathy makes us aware of the emotions and needs of others, so that we can interact with them skillfully, but this all begins with understanding you.

6 Social Emotional Learning Components :

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Social Awareness
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Personal Responsibility and Accountability

Current Emotional Intelligence courses:

Positive Affirmations Course and Self Love Magic Course

Coming Soon SE Learning Distance Courses

Check out Miss Lacy Books and Flashlights in the Sky for feelings & emotional children’s books

We understand that not everyone learns in the same way nor on the same day. Each day brings forth positive learning when the teacher respects each student’s learning style.